How to choose carpet

When you walk into our Atlanta area carpet stores, you'll see hundreds of rug samples from different mills, with an assortment of colors, styles, patterns, designs, textures, and constructions. It can be easy to get distracted, but we’ll stay focused on your needs. Choosing the one most aligned with your needs will impact appearance, performance, and longevity.

Always compare carpets at the same quality levels

There are different quality levels of any rug. For example, if you compare two rugs, each with other fibers and construction, but also of various grades, the results will not be accurate, and you may end up with the wrong one for you. Keep this in mind when comparing, be aware of classifications, and make sure you understand them.

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Quality focus: density and twist

Density refers to how closely fibers are tufted together and that, not weight, determines quality; in fact, a rug can be too thick for a carpet installation. Density should be on the label with a good number ranging from 3000 to 5000. Another determiner is the Twist Number, the number of times the fiber is turned per every one inch. The higher the number, the less chance of unraveling or fraying; good twist numbers are between 3 and 6, but the frieze style goes as high as 8.

Pay attention to the padding

Just as the rug protects the floor, padding protects the rug. When you place rugs on the bare floor, the underside wears, and it becomes more impacted by footsteps and heavy furniture. It keeps the rug in place and also gives that bouncy feeling underfoot. Padding also reduces sound and has a higher R-value (which measures a material's ability to retain heat).
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Be sure it’s professionally installed

The result will be a beautiful carpet that's free of wrinkles, bumps, and rolls, with clearly aligned seams. Professionals also have the experience and knowledge to spot potential problems and head them off; if they do happen, they'll know exactly how to address the issue, saving you both time and money. As a note, many manufacturers include strict installation guidelines in their warranties that, if not adhere to, will void the document.

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