What area rugs can do for you

Area rugs highlight and accent and pull a room's decor together with the finishing touches, whether you want to add texture and vibrancy to a room or quiet down a colorful, too-patterned area. They also have plenty of practical benefits, such as reducing noise and softening falls. At Flooring Atlanta, we have a large assortment of both premade and custom rugs, and we encourage you to consider them.

Add an extra room to your home

These days it's not unusual to see one big room with both the living and dining space combined. Turn them into two separate areas by anchoring furniture on rugs for each space. You can also section off an area to create a home office, reading area, or even a tiny bedroom.

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They can reduce noise

Ever notice how noisy a room gets when it includes only hard surfaces? Soft surfaces absorb vibrations, and when there are none, echoes will bounce off the walls. Rugs also quiet footsteps, beeping devices, and muffled conversations

How to customize your area rug experience

Stock rugs come in standard sizes, the most common being 8 X 10. In an ideal world, all rooms would be perfect squares, but, in reality, there are door sills, moldings, and baseboards with which to contend. If you see the ideal rug, but it doesn't fit, not a problem! Take it to one of the Flooring Atlanta experts, and we'll show you how to have it cut and shaped with the edges bound. You can also create a rug from the leftover carpet pieces or cut an existing, but damaged, rug or create something unique with a logo or special message for custom area rugs.
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How to place an area rug

Ideally, the rug should be large enough to completely fit under significant pieces of furniture, with a 12-to-18-inch extension on the bare floor. In the dining space, it should be large enough to fit under both the table and chairs. If that's not possible, it's perfectly acceptable to place it under the front legs, but be sure there's still the extension. Bedrooms are problematic so that you might use two matching runners on each side of the bed.

Let our experts show you some of the terrific things you can do with area rugs. To get inspired and also get a free quote, visit the Flooring Atlanta showroom at one of our four locations: Norcross, Roswell, Kennesaw, and Brookhaven/Atlanta, GA. We work with homeowners and businesses near Atlanta, GA, Norcross, GA, Roswell, GA, Kennesaw, GA, Doraville, GA, Marietta, GA, Johns Creek, GA, Milton, GA, Brookhaven, GA && Sandy Springs, GA