Questions! Questions! Questions!

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Buying new flooring can seem like a daunting task. There are so many choices, so many new products and technologies; it’s a lot to take in! But never fear! Our trained experts are here to give you a leg up. We compiled this list of questions to ask yourself BEFORE shopping for your new floor. Take a look!

1. What Don’t You Like About Your Current Flooring? Why Are You Looking for New Flooring?

Maybe it’s just old and worn out. Maybe it’s gone out of fashion. Or maybe there are some deeper issues affecting your current floor. Whatever reason you have for shopping for new flooring, it’s important to think about all the things you don’t like about your old floor. That way you can find a flooring product that will keep you happy for years to come.

This carpet has seen better days. Would a wood floor be better?

2. How much traffic does the floor see? Do you have kids? Pets?

Heavy traffic areas do best with flooring products designed to be very durable. The same goes for households with kids and pets. Other factors, such as stain resistance, or ease of spill cleanup can be lifesavers for active homes. Be sure to let us know if you have lots of little people and fuzzy friends running around!

Cute? Yes. But kids and pets can wreak havoc on fragile floors. Thankfully we have hundreds of choices for active homes!

3. How big of an area do you need to cover? Have you had the space measured?

Figuring out your square footage gives you a great start to identifying your total costs. Obviously, larger areas will be pricier to cover. Knowing the area you need to cover ahead of time helps you to recognize the products that are right for you and for your budget.

If you haven’t had the space professionally measured, don’t worry! We can help! It’s beneficial for you to have some rough estimates on hand when shopping, so don’t be afraid to bust out that tape measure and jot down a few numbers!

4. What colors and patterns do you currently have in your home? What style do you want to achieve?

Your new floor should be a good fit for the existing style in your home. It can help to snap some pictures of how your home is currently decorated. Or you might even cut out some examples from magazines of the look you are going for! This will help our flooring experts to pair you with the perfect flooring product for your individual taste.

The floor is the part of your home that connects your walls and furniture. Getting a consistent style is key!

Takeaway Action Items

  • Think about how your new floor will be used… Does it need to stand up to abuse, or just look beautiful?
  • Take some basic measurements and bring them with you when you shop.
  • Bring some photos of your current style of home decor, or pictures from magazines showing the style you want to achieve with your new floor.

Bring Your Flooring Questions to the Flooring Experts in Roswell, Norcross, & Kennesaw

These questions are just a few to get you started, and we’re sure you’ll have plenty of questions of your own! Our team of experts is standing by with answers, and we are confident there is no flooring problem we can’t help you solve.

Contact us today, or stop by one of our three greater Atlanta locations and let us show you why we are the area’s favorite flooring provider.