Carpet Vs. Luxury Vinyl Plank - Which is better for your home?

 Luxury Vinyl Plank is more durable than carpet and perfect for high-traffic areas. Quality vinyl flooring that’s properly installed can last for more than 20 years, with little maintenance required. Luxury vinyl resists stains, water, and pet accidents. Luxury Vinyl is a hard surface material that is warmer to your feet than tile in the winter months. With wood as well as tile looks available, there is a multitude of different colors/designs to choose from. 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring in an Atlanta, GA home

  Carpet is durable if you care for it properly, but stains easily – making it less robust than vinyl. Having said this, it’s possible to find a suitable variety for your needs. Make sure you opt for a heavy-duty rating if you install carpet in areas that get a lot of activity (stairs, playrooms, or halls). Nylon is a popular choice for rooms that attract a lot of activity because it withstands a lot of pressure. A loop pile style creates a relaxed look and hides footprints well. If you have children or pets, always look for a pet-protect in the warranty information. 

Carpet installation in an Atlanta, GA home

Carpet or Luxury Vinyl - The choice is yours for your home. The carpet will always be a warmer, cozy feel. Luxury Vinyl is great for high traffic & busy households. What do you think is the best flooring for your unique house?